FCM’s activities revolve primarily around projects in the fields of art, the environment and cultural reflection. Much of the institution’s energies are devoted to conserving, researching and enhancing public awareness of César Manrique’s oeuvre.

Its management is divided into three areas: Art, Culture and Environment; Administration and Human Resources; and Technical Services and Maintenance.

The Art, Culture and Environment area activities are organised by its six departments.

Department of Conservation and Plastic Arts

Fundacion César Manrique. Departamento de Conservación y Artes Plásticas

Depósito de la FCM

This department conducts museum-specific tasks, conserves and disseminates César Manrique’s oeuvre, runs the temporary exhibit programme and collaborates with other institutions in the area of the plastic arts.

Land Management and Environment Department

Fundacion César Manrique. Departamento de Territorio y Medio Ambiente

Leo Bassi. Campaña Salvar La Geria

This department defines FCM’s public positions on land management and environmental issues. It also engages in FCM’s environmental- and land management-related educational activity.

It delivers courses on the environment, formulates environmental write-ups, seeks authorised legal opinion and files appeals in public information proceedings. It participates actively in island forums on nature and land management.

Cultural Programmes Department

Fundacion César Manrique. Departamento de Programas Culturales

This department programmes the institution’s cultural activities. It organises conference series, seminars, debates, round tables, workshops and courses on public space, landscape, culture and critical thinking.

Education Department

Fundacion César Manrique. Departamento Pedagógico

Trabajos durante la exposición Washington Barcala

The Education Department is a bridge running between FCM’s museum and environmental activities and its museum visitors. One of its main objectives is to interest the school-age population in contemporary art and the specificity of its materials and language, as well as to heighten children’s sensitivity through direct contact with plastic art.

It also aims to facilitate educators’ work by furnishing them with teaching materials. It furthers encounters, reflection and analysis to empower and infuse vim into an approach to education that favours new social behaviour toward nature. Another of its focuses is the enhancement of public awareness of César Manrique’s oeuvre and approach to the environment.

Publications Service

Fundacion César Manrique. Servicio de Publicaciones

Fundación César Manrique. Publications

Pursuant to FCM’s plastic, environmental and cultural objectives, the Publications Service implements an editorial policy associated with the institution‘s aims and activities.

Library And Archives Department

Fundacion César Manrique. Departamento de Archivo - Biblioteca

Biblioteca de la FCM

This department catalogues the foundation’s bibliographic, graphic and audio-visual collections. It also implements a document acquisitions policy in support of FCM’s areas of specialisation. It participates in a publications exchange programme with other libraries, publishers and institutions.

Lastly, it is responsible for the library specialising in contemporary art and the environment, the art-nature-public art document centre and the foundation’s library and archives dealing specifically with César Manrique.